"full free MSc. scholarship"

I am tesfaye waktola from ethiopia. I have BSc. in applied mathematics from hawassa university. NOw, i am looking for free MSC. scholarship. please as much as possible try to help me to get full scholarship.

Amanuel Ayde


I am seeking full free scholarship MSc programe in the fields of information (technology, science, system and computer scince)because i was third year undergraduat student in BSC level in informtion studies, which is similar to information science in 2010 from jimma unversity cuurrently i am graguating student on june 19/2010.

tadiyos mamuye gebresilase

"finding sholarship"

my full name is tadiyos mamuye

i'm taking anthropology in one of university of ethiopa i.e hawassa university and i will graduate next year.and iwant to have ma degree in any branch of anthropology specialy social anthropology in any university found in the world.


Addi tilahun

"help me!!!"

Plisse help me I have a grate hope in for Ethiopia

Taddesse Kebede

"seeking for free scholarship award"

I am graduated from City University College /former Zegha Business College in 2006 with BA degree in Accounting and finance; currently working in this university college as an Instructor and i have excercised the fild and acquired good knowledg;and also I have served the college by taking certain positions, also as a conseltant in morthan three NGo's additionaly Accountant and Internal Auditor at a High school. but know i wonts to upgrade thge field and serve as that, I am looking for any university/ college that reward me or provide me with scholarship in Master with the same or relative fields thank you!


" in civil engineering"

help me 2 find business related under graduate studies or program in civil eng.

Fedesa Woreti

"Look for Sholarship "

I graduated from Unity Univarsity in Managment Information System in the year 2004.

At this time I want to update my education status to do so I am searching or looking for full scholarship in the field of Information technology or managment.



"asking for scholar ship"

I am Geremew gonfa third year graduate student from wollega university

I want to learn MA in sociology and related fields in Netherland.


awraris getachew

"need for scholarship opportuniy"

I am Awraris from addis ababa university.I am searching for scholarship in

japan. please help me in giving this chance


awraris getachew

"need for scholarship opportuniy"

I am Awraris from addis ababa university.I am searching for scholarship in

japan. please help me in giving this chance .



"help me"

My name is yordanos Tefera, sex female, I am 22 years old.I graduated from Mekelle university in public and development management degree.I am highly interested to upgrade my educational status.would you please help me in searching for fully funded free scholarship any country or any sponsor.

I am Waiting your favorable reply

"looking for free scolarship"

hey, i would like to ask you that you can get me free scolarship

about me i am 10th grader student in Ethiopia if you want my document i can send you all when i recieve my result soon untill then give me a hope about it and that's what i have for today and also send me your email- address mine is see ya.


Mohammed Nasseser

"This me"

I am Mohammed Nasser and I am a graduating class student on hydraulic engineering in Arbaminch university Institute of technology.

My country being a water tower in Africa, is still in lack of water. My nation are walking on the water but still asking skilled personnel who could provide them with the water they are walking on. How can I solve this problem getting knowledge which is a mere theory? Can you get me up in this discipline by offering me your scholar ships to study in one of the advanced countries?


Shiferaw Adugna Defechie

"looking for full free scholarship' Education"

I am an Ethiopian, graduated in (BSC) textile Engineering from one of the Ethiopian Universities, i.e.Bahir Dar University in the 2009 G.C. My full name is SHIFERAW ADUGNA DEFECHIE, male in sex and 23 years of age. Currently Iím working in ALMEDA TEXTILE PLC. Iím single and living alone in the town of Adwa.

Now I found very important to pursue my further education. And as everybody can understand there is a need to equip oneself with the necessary input costs to pursue the education but unfortunately it is a self explainable that I am from Ethiopia and cannot offer the necessary costs to pursue the education and therefore I am looking for scholarship. Therefore, it is hard to pursue ones education because master programs in textile engineering have only been given by government out side the country(Ethiopia) and the government gives such further education opportunity only for those who are either a lecturer in the universities or a benefited one by the government police.

If, the above mentioned inquires are accepted, I want to pursue my further education in thetextile & apparel technology and management, textile engineering, chemistry and science, textile extention and appied research textile engineering and material, textile chemistry and on other textile area.I after having the education, I will help the people who are entended in the field of textile technologies and I will try to facilitate the expansion of textile technology and Industries in the developing countries like Ethiopia .

Now, I earnestly beg you to consider my inquiries and see me in good faith. I will wait your positive prompt response!

Sincerely yours,

Shiferaw Adugna


Alemu Asrat

"Senior Management Officer"

i donot want any links with others

Alemu Asrat

"Looking for post graduat program"

I am Alemu Asrat having degree in business managemant, i am interested to continue post graduat program.


Dagmawit Dinku

"looking for free scholarships"

Hi this is Dagmawit from Ethiopia. I have LLB from the Addis Ababa University. Currently I teach at a private college. But I am very much interested in continuing my masters degree in any development studies. I like to give hands on supervision to people that need help. And I believe this dream will be realised if I get the chance of studying development related fields.

Considering my interest, I ask for your help in helping me find free scholarships. Thank you so much.


aboneh engida

"free scholarship "

my name is aboneh engida derese i am graduated in 2000 i have diploma in information technology.curruntly i am working in govermental the time beening i want to get a free scholarsship in any you can help me for any point of veiw. i am develope my knowlege for my interst.

Endris Yimer Adem

"I am in need of scholarship"

I am an Ethiopian. I have Bachelors degree in Businesses Education. I have also Masters degree in Educational research and Development. I want to pursue PHD programs in the field of Education. Would you please advise me in realizing my dreams of being professional in Education?

Thank you



"watch closley...i've a Dream"

Hi there , my name is THOMAS ;age 24 ;sex male ;marital status single

>graduated from Addis Ababa univ. in 2007G.C with B.A IN MANAGEMENT


>have 2 years work experiance in public organization as Internal AUDITOR!

I have a big dream to become a leader /be a poletician /and change my countries current i strongly belive education can help in doing just that! you are kindly requested to help this dream come TRUE!



Binyam Girma

"I need full free sholarship"

I am Binyam Girma I graduate from New Abyssina college on IT. I would like to aplly for free postgraduate scholarship in USA or Europe, in the field of computer science and any relevant field.

Sincerely yours,



Lemma Kebede

"University student in engineering "

I am Lemma kebede from Jimma University in electrical and computer engineering department.

I am searching for free scholarship to upgrade my knowlegde in my field of study by hoping, as you will give me the chance. so that my dream will be changed into reality

thank you very much


Helina negussie

"Bussines Management"

My name is Helina Negussie. I have a BA degree in Administrative management and technology system from Addis Ababa University college of Commerce and have MA degree in urban Management from Ethiopian Civil Service College. I have more than 2 years experiance. I want to study in another field. But i have some finacial problem to fulfil these. Please, if you understand me, help. I have full potential to be succesful in every aspect.

Daniel Teshome

"Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist"

i'm daniel teshome graduate from Alemaya and AddisAbaba university in Diploma and Degree respectively.i am working in different ethiopian country in diferent position(as medical laboratory technician in Health center and higher clinic, acadamic coordinator and instructor in different medical collage and Regional laboratory Advisor at MSH international NGO).Now i want continue my second degree in MPH or other medical laboratory related field so i kindly request you to find me a room to have this chance and thanks in advance.

Best regards,



tadlo sintayehu

"required free scholar ship"

i am tadlo sintayehe here in Ethiopia, currently i am working in the university as INSTRUCTR. I have graduated my first degree from Addis ababa universuty collage of commerce (AAUCC) in procurement and supply management. i want to free scolar ship masters in logistics and supply chan management. Because this Program in our country is not as such familar with society, but the program is important to address the series less developed countries especially in our country resource allocation problem.
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