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Anna Warren


I just finished high school and want to go to school to become a dentist. I have heard that the Malaysia school of dentistry is a really good school. If anyone has information on the school please let me know, or let me know where to go to find out the information.
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I agre with Dana, like this times where dreaded viruses are spreading throughout the globe as evidenced by global pandemic alerts by the WHO.

What Dana suggested must be kept in mind by those who are considering another country for their school choice. It is good to go to other country to maximize your learning experience but there are lots of things to be considered first. I just hope that you guys be cautious on this facts of life, , ciao, ,

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Dana, I am just curious about how you will know if you are prone to some diseases more than others. The only difficulty one might have could be adapting to the place's weather and maybe experiencing culture shock. I doubt if a lot of caution is necessary when considering studying in another country.

An understanding of the country's laws on drug trafficking are more important. Most Asian countries have heavy charges on drug trafficking

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Well, I tend to agree with Dana. If you are for example from Europe or North America and go to live in a tropical country like Malaysia, you're bound to be more sensitive to stomach bugs, parasites, hot weather problems, etc.

In my experience the local people are more resistant to those things. Almost all "northeners" coming to a tropical country get sick. I've known a lot of people who had to leave after a while because they just kept getting sick all the time.

the problem of a culture shock is real, too!

Drug trafficking? post #30 is a little too way far from the conversation or just drawing us out of the topic.

What would drug trafficking do to a girl who would want to study dentistry? I agree with the other post like Dana's. We should be aware of the health hazards that we might be encountering. You see, some people when not used to with new climate may got sick immediately.

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Sorry if that drew you out of the topic of discussion. I was not implying that she is going to deal in drugs..I was just stating that it is important to understand the general lifestyle of the country, as well as the laws therin. Not many people that are committed for certain crimes have done that. They simply are set up because they do not understand the way things go on there.

I meant no offence nonetheless.

It is fine to be oriented with the lifestyle and laws of a certain country before entering it. There is nothing wrong with that. As we all know ignorance is not an excuse in law, we have to always know that and bear that in our minds.

Well it is better to research first on the country's law atleast the famous ones so that we would not be that stupid upon arriving in our destination.

True, ignorance is not an excuse at all; you will pay the price dearly. That is why as a first step, it is important to shelve other plans until you are sure that the country of destination will not give a fair deal of good time.

Incidences of culture shock are not new. I hope Lucas you now agree with me that this post is headed in the right direction

Speaking of culture shock, here are some coping mechanisms:

Stay in touch with friends or others you have confidence in. Don't withdraw. Some students find new friends through their nationality clubs. Many get to know each other in classes. The AEC and International Student and Scholar Services have resource people to talk to you about your feelings. They are trustworthy and can answer questions about American culture.

Remain active. Do social things you enjoy that aren't related to your studies, for example, taking walks, swimming, going to concerts or movies, eating meals with some friends. Have some fun!

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What Causes Culture Shock?

To understand culture shock, it helps to understand what culture is. You may know that genes determine a big part of how you look and act. What you might not know is that your environment your surroundings has a big effect on your appearance and behavior as well.

The differences between cultures can make it very difficult to adjust to the new surroundings. You may encounter unfamiliar clothes, weather, and food as well as different people, schools, and values. You may find yourself struggling to do things in your new surroundings that were easy back home. Dealing with the differences can be very unsettling; those feelings are part adjusting to a new culture.

This forum is really heading to the right direction if you have not included drug trafficking in here. Again i would like to ask you, whay would a teenage girl would involve herself in such thought, and besides she's asking on how to have a good dentistry school out somewhere in Malaysia, and you suddenly just pop that topic up.

Ignorance is not an excuse, yes, i suppose i have to agree with that though.

Let us not fight over the issue, all of you guys have points over the topic, drugs, health threats and culture shock...this are all factors that should be kept in mind when going or moving into another or foreign country.

It is a good thing that people are getting conscious of so many things and that being careful is always a preventive measure, so it is nice to be warned over things, =.

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Yeah, thanks for those information and i hope some other students who would consider a foreign school might come to this forum and read those suggestions, like i did.

I think i have to consider those when i go to Japan for my college education, my aunt will be financing my college and i will be leaving by December, I think after Christmas.

So best of luck for all of us..

Actually you can read lots of informative forums, and you can always have some good advice directly form those students who study abroad through their personal blogs. You can leave a comment and you can check back if the blog author have something to say back to you.

Online communication is nice, that is if we are responsible enough in what we say and share to other people.

Have a nice day..

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That is true Nikki, thanks to the ever revolutionizing technology, everything is easy now. It is easy to communicate and connect to the whole world. So if ever you want to know something it is ok to go to the net and find them, it is just one click away.

But there are this fraud sites and information so we must be very careful to prevent any wrong information to come.

I think it would be best if you consider other countries to study, here is why?

THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF DENTISTS IN MALAYSIA, AND FOR THE TIME'S BEING AT LEAST, A SHORTAGE OF PLACES TO STUDY TO BECOME ONE. That seems to be changing however, and institutes and even governments are rushing to fill the educational gap. They are doing this out of necessity -- Malaysia simply needs the dentists, but interestingly, many of the initiatives seem to be originating outside of Malaysia.

I got this info from this site

I heard that dentistry in Malaysia is a hit. you can check out this link, this is actually a blog were you can see some top dentistry schools in Malaysia.

Here is what the blog says

Dentistry Today is distributed free-of-charge through selected dental clinics, pharmacies and hospitals throughout Malaysia.

With many new advances in dental techniques (such as dental implants) and materials, we believe the time is ripe for a dental magazine targeted at patients.

check out this link

I have to agree that dentistry in Malaysia is such a chit and that lots of students from around the globe are considering this country as the place to study.

I found that blog very useful mori. Hope some future dentists would be able to find that site so that they may choose the right school to enroll to.

Good luck on your study as a dentists.. Have a nice day..

Malaysia appears to be the ideal place to study dentistry. Please take a look at the link attached.

Dentistry has had some very important advances lately with implants and laser surgery, etc.

I am sure that Malaysisa will provide the latest advances in this and every other field of medicine.

I absolutely agree with you Isaac, certainly, it is always best for one to gather as much information about things, such as career choices and so on, prior to getting themselves fully involved in the venture.
I must say as well, as someone had claimed that we should not agree with people in these forums and what not, rather we should simply make our own points and leave it at that. Isn't agreeing with somebody making a point?
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There is nothing wrong with agreeing with some other point of view. What is important is that you know the point of things and that you are sure that those ideas and views are good in nature.

Imagine if all of the students in a classroom would have individual point of vies, would they be able to come up with something? I think they would end up doing stuffs all by themselves, individually.

You have a point there Theodoro. I also think that as long as you know your point and that you know the real score, there is nothing wrong on agreeing with something. Good luck to all of us!
Surely, when we agree, this does not mean, particularly that what is being agreed upon is something that is good, or is something that is bad. What we do know for sure, however, is that a point can be made about basically any conceivable thing, and in many ways.
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Hi there guys, I would like to know some of the best dentristry schools in Malaysia, though I know that there are lots of schools in the said country, I would like to know the accredited ones where I can enroll. Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from all of you soon.
Hi there Adeline, hope this link would help, here is what it has to say:

THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF DENTISTS IN MALAYSIA, AND FOR THE TIME'S BEING AT LEAST, A SHORTAGE OF PLACES TO STUDY TO BECOME ONE. That seems to be changing however, and institutes and even governments are rushing to fill the educational gap. They are doing this out of necessity -- Malaysia simply needs the dentists, but interestingly, many of the initiatives seem to be originating outside of Malaysia. Consider this story which appeared in the New Straits Times in February 2008: "STUDENTS can now get a world-class dentistry qualification with the option of completing their degree at a partner dental school overseas or spending the full five years locally.

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    This post has a total of 53 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: School archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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