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Luis Antonio Rodriguez

board of education

I am looking for a phone number for the Board Of Education in Puerto Rico. I attended school in Juana Diaz back in 1990 and I am trying to get school records, is there anyone who can help me?
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Melvin Gonzalez

Hello, this is Melvin Gonzalez. I took my GED test in Ponce, PR in 1987 and need a copy of my GED or high school transcripts. I would like to be contacted at my e-mail address. If any concerns rise up, just give me a phone number where i can contact you.
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Noemi Delgado


My name is Noemi Delgado and I'll been trying to get a copy of GED Diploma or ethier GED results. I have a several telephone numbers from Puerto Rico just in one day none of them work for me. I need those copies because actually I'm living in the state of Texas and trying to start school back. The school is requesting this information to me and I don't know were have to go. I perform the classes and the exam around the year of 1987 or 1988 in Caguas. If could help with this situation I apreciated.

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Nydia M Rivera

Yo complete mi GED en la Universidad Catolica/Ponce en Junio de 1990. Como puedo obtener una copia de mi diploma?

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oscar gonzales

Tengo una amiga que necesita completar el GED en espaniol y ella vive en Indianapolis, su nombre es Lucia.

Puede ella tomar el examen en Indianapolis mediante un proctor?

muchas gracias por su respuesta.

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George L. Martinez

I took my GED in mayaguez PR on or about 1987 and I need a copy of my ged diploma ASAP. I have an opportunity for employment and I need this information before the 17 th of april please reply asap. Need urgently.

Por favor necdesito una copia del diploma de GED que tome en mayaguez pr en o despues del 1987 Necesito esto urgente ya que de esto depende mi oportunidad de empleo

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Bethsaida Garcia Matos

My name is Bethsaida Garcia. I took my GED back in sept 2, 1982 in Mayaguez, PR. I need my transcript so I can continue furthering my education. I do not know who to contact for this. If someone can please help me find this information. Send me an email if there is anyone out there who can help. Thanks!
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Frances Peralta

Por favor dejeme saber cual es el proceso para obtener mis transcripciones de la escuela superior. Me gradue en el 1985 de Luis Pales Matos en Santa Rosa, Bayamon.


Frances Peralta

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raquel best

hello my name is raquel best i will like to get my original high school transcripts.i wanna go back to school.i graduated in 1990.iam from quebradillas, the name on the transcript is raquel rodriguez-jaca the high school name was juan alejo de arizmendi, that school no longer exist. my phone number is 518-522-0275. please give me acall i will apreciate.thank you
i studied at hato rey and i can't find or know where to find my transcrip. please help by writing me at Por favor necesito my grados para esta escuela de collegio que fue cerrada.. en hato rey.. PR electronic college and commputer programming... por favor ayudenme, . gracias.
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Ramon Caraballo

A Quien pueda interesar.

Mi nombre es Ramon Caraballo yo esutdie en Guayanilla P. R.

en el 1976 me gradue de escuela superior y he perdido el diploma que tengo que hacer para mandar a sacar una copia o

si ustedes ;o envian atraves del e;mail.MI email es

Muchas Gracias

por su ayuda


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Oscar Camacho

I would like to obtain a copy of my GED, I took the test back in 1976, I think it was in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

If it is all possible that I can recive information on how to obtain this all important document (GED). It might be under the name, Oscar Steidel Camacho, had to use my mother's madian name during that time.

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Carlos T Hernandez

My name is Carlos T. Hernandez. I took my GED test in San Juan, Puerto Rico, around 1986 or 1987. I need a copy of my GED or high school transcripts. I would like to be contacted at my e-mail address as soon as possible. Thank you.
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rafael pagan

my name is rafael pagan;back in 1984;i took my GED in caguas pr; now i need a copy of it.idont know who to contact or who to call;hoping you can help.thank you.
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Maggie Massa

It is actually very sad that no one can assist you with these matters in PR. It makes our island and the people on it look incompetant. I have been trying to hire a young puerto rican female for a very good job but I can not verify her education through the Puerto Rican Board of Education. I have been trying for two weeks now. It is a shame that thier inability to answer a phone there will stop this young lady from getting a good job and furthering herself. I have been given multiple fax #'s to send the request only to receive the fax back as "negative/busy/no signal". Every time i call, the phone literally rings and rings and no one answers. I got a hold of a professor at a university alumini web sight who did help me somewhat but seemed very perturbed that I did not know who to contact. As of this moment, I am going to have to hire someone else because I cant verify that this young lady graduated from high school. I am ashamed that every time my American counterparts ask me for a status on this education verification I have to tell them that I have gotten no where becuase I cant get anyone to answer the phone or give me a good fax number. I feel your pain and until the Puerto Rican people decide to up thier work ethics and standards of customer service we will all have to continue to diligently work at obtaining the information we need and hopefully recevied it if ever! Good luck!
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Daniel Soto

Hola, estoy tratando de obtener mis transcriptos del G.E.D. yo estudie en Moca en el ano 1987.en un programa para adultos llamado, Academia para Adultos de Moca. E hecho multiples de llamadas a Puerto Rico y nadie me a podido ayudar. Necesito los transcriptos y mi puntuacion para la Universida Northeastern en Chicago Illinois. Si alguien me pudiese ayudar se lo agradeceria inmensamente, my direccion electronica es Gracias y que pasen un bello dia.
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angel vargas

si quieren sus g.e.d. o sus transcriptciones tengo el numero de la senora vazquez del departamento de educacion de puerto rico quien brega con los g.e.d.s sra.vazquez (787)759-6898
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juan antonio carmona

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teresa cruz

quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar me gradue de la escuela dr pila en ponce y necesito una transcrition de creditos lo mas pronto posible, me gustaria que alguien pudiera ayudarme con un numero de telefono.
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Javier Padilla

Necesito conseguir mi diploma de G.E.D. y transcripcion de credito. Tome el examen en 1987-88 en la High de Bayamon. Porfavor lo necesito para estudiar y u otros. Les agradeceria si alguien tiene informacion de como obtener estos records.


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malik mercado

yo termine mi cuarto ano en 1988 y necesito que me mande una copia de mi diploma porfavor que es para un trabajo de la cuidad pero estoy en new york
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malik mercado

quiero saber que tendria que hacer para obtener mi ged fui ala escuela carlos escobar lopes en loiza vivo en new york ahora mismo
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Julissa Cordova Ramos

"Where's my GED results, please????"

To whom it may concern, I JUlissa Marie Cordova Ramos has taken a 2 day 6 hour long GED test, Here in Puerto rico at a public school in llomas verde. That was months ago, and Im becoming very impatient due to the simple fact that Im relocating to the United States and those results can come in handy. So please if you can get in touch with me ASAP, if u know anything about the whereabouts of my test results, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you,

Please do NOT hesitate to contact me at: 787.799.7446 or 787.344.9890

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Waddy Gonzalez

"I took my ged in mayaguez puerto rico in 1995 but my last name was wrong ."

can you send me a copy with my corract last name to 214 s. jeferson st allentown pa 18102
Thank author of this post/comment"Help getting transcript"

I went to Juan J Maunez HS and graduated in 2003...I need my college and myself have been trying for 3 months to get it...HELP!!!
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 47 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: board of education archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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