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William Santiago

school records

I would like to know if I have my High School Diploma I was attending Job Corps in Juana Diaz back in 1979.
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William Santiago

I will like to know if I have my High School Diploma. I assisted to Juana Dias Job Corps back in 1980-81.
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Nelson Berrios Perez

Nelson Berrios was incoserated in 1998 at a jail called Juana

Diaz in Fort Allen Proyecto Modelo Juana Diaz P.R.

he took his G.E.D. and they never gave him his certificate that

he passed Now we need a copy for work relations and we know he

passed because when they took his social security number so he can take it they told him that they couldn't give him the test because he took it and he passed it.

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Character Education

I cant understand what you meant to say....
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Diana Pena

I'm trying to get my Dipolma because I'm trying to get a better job and I need to show them proof of it. Please how can I get a copy of it and also where do I appliay for a copy and if I have to pay for it and how much? My address is 2806 n. Saywer ave.apt.3 Chicacgo, IL 60618-7583 Please can you send me a respond soon I will appreciate
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Jorge Figueroa-Rodriguez

Iam trying to get my school record from Saint Just, Puerto Rico.

Can somebody let me know of a phone number, person or department of the goverment that I should contact to get it.

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reimundo rodriguez

I would greatly appreciate it if your office can email me a direct number to Luis Miguel Munoz high school also known as Pope John Paul xxiii so that I may have verification of my records. Sincerely Mr.Rodriguez
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Daniel Soto

I would deeply appreciate it if I can obtain my G.E.D. transcripts. I studied in de Academia para adultos Moca, P.R. in 1987 and passed the test. I need the records as requested by Northeastern University in order to enroll. Thank you in advance a have a blessed day.
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antonio mattei

I need help finding my Early School Record to show my date and place of birth. I was attending José Julian Acosta School in 1967 Adjuntas PR and after i went to Rafael Aparicio Jimenez School in 1973 til 1978. This is requested for United State Department of State National Passport Center, because my certificate shows that the birth was recorded more than a year afer the birth occurred.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

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Domingo Rivera

I need a record of when I was in school in arroyo, puerto rico. I need help ! I am 52 years old and I was born in barriada marin, arroyo, puerto rico, and I need a record of when I was in school..I have no way to get the records ! so I need help! what should I do ?
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Brenda L. Trinidad

I recieved my High Scool dipolma in 1974 from Manati, Puerto rico. I would like for someone to return my e-mail so I can reguest a copy for my records.of my records. I look forward to hearing from you.

sincerely yours,

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Brenda L. Trinidad

I recieved my High Scool dipolma in 1974 from Manati, Puerto rico. I would like for someone to return my e-mail so I can reguest a copy of my records. I look forward to hearing from you.

sincerely yours,

"Shipping & Receiving"

Hello. I am trying to get information on how to obtain school transcripts from Humacao, Puerto Rico. Any valid information is welcomed. Thanks.

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doug i soto

"request information or guidance to information"

i'm looking for school records on my mother in the early or mid 1960's. can someone help me or guide me to acquire such records. thanks, i'm willing to pay for the time spent and guidance to such documents
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Brenda Ortiz


I would like to know if I have my High School Diploma I was attending a high school in Arecibo PR. Can someone to return my e-mail so I can reguest a copy of my records. I look forward to hearing from you. I need this info. for school
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carmen rivera

"ged transcrip and diploma"

i lost the copy of my ged and trancript need the testing scores im starting scholl please carmen rivera
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migdalia Bruno

"my GED diploma"

i lost my GED diploma I need it going to collage soon i need it before collage start here in connecticut which it will be in sept 1, 2010. thank you Migdalia Bruno.
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Maria Cordero


I lost my diploma and I need a copie or the transcrip how can I get that please help me?????to start colleges
"Doesn't Exist a way to get the diploma"

I'm sorry to say that but there is not a way to get the diploma, believe me. I got my High School in Puerto Rico, 2001 the school Centro Educativo San Juan(now is a ballet school). I have 2 years trying to get a duplicate. I have been sending latter and calling to the department of education, they say the same thing: ''send us a lettler with the information'', ''we are not available to help you'' or ''you have to wait for one year because we have to many case to attend before you''. I START to study again. Now i go to the community college to get my GED AGAIN.

But if you are lucky send a letter to this adress:

For GED or High School Diploma

Departamento de educacion

PO Box 196759

San Juan Puerto Rico


El telefono es: 787-759-2000

Unidad de Examenes libres: 787-773-4881

eso es en caso de haber tomado el GED

en la carta pongan su nombre y apellido, fecha de nacimiento, nombre de la escuela y fecha de graduacion, seguro social y si tomaron el GED or el diploma de High School.

Suerte, si alguna de ustedes lo consigue, escribanme a mi email

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San Juan, Puerto Rico
Thank author of this post/comment"Getting a certificate of graduation from high school"

Here is the procedure to follow:

There is a central office in the Department of Education that can issue a certification for those students that for some reason have lost their high school diplomas. Here is the contact information:

División Correspondencia y Archivo

Tel 787.773.6225, 787.773.6227

The person in charge of issuing the certifications is Mr. Roberto Rodríguez.

You must be ready to provide: name of school, city, year of graduation and you will be required to send a copy of your ID and pay stamps for $1.50 to get the document. If you are out of the Island, you would be able to do this by email or fax, and send the corresponding payment by mail. The certification they would provide you is what you need wherever you are required to provide a copy of your high school diploma.

Nancy Torres, AllExpert, Puerto Rico

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Miami, Fl
Thank author of this post/comment"Student transcript"

Hello , can you please let me know how I can go about getting my GED transcript from 1989. I took the test at Unidad de Examenes Libres Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. I need this transcript to prove that I took my GED and passed it. Any information will be helpful I can be reached at I will like to thank you in advance for any help you provide me.
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