is mbbs study free in Sweden? if that plz contact with me....i m form Bangladesh..
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Jamal Abdul Nasir

respected sir,

I Have clear my F.S.C exam and i want to get addmission in sweden for free education. So plz tell me about the MBBS or MD requirment.


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Jamal Abdul Nasir

respected sir,

I Have clear my F.S.C exam and i want to get addmission in sweden for free education. So plz tell me about the MBBS or MD requirment.


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respected sir,

I Have clear my F.S.C exam and i want to get addmission in sweden for free education. So plz tell me about the MBBS or MD requirment.


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shahimulk khan

sir ,

I am medical science student and want to study

in great Sweden. I have secured a very good marks in my fsc examination.I got 79%marks. I now want to apply for the mbbs at Sweden.please let me know the method and the best university in Sweden for mbbs .


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shahimulk khan

respected sir ,

I am a poor Pakistani and passed my fsc

exam recently and secured 79%marks. due to some internal factors i cannot carry my education further therefore i have replyed to you to recieve a scholarship in mbbs.

I hope for positive response and looking forward to serve great Sweden in the future. it should be added here that i have very good creative mind in the field of chemistry and medicine. so i want to polish my abilities in Sweden


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Shahimulk from Pakistan , NWFP peshwar
Pakistan , NWFP peshwar
Thank author of this post/commentsir,

I am a poor student of Pakistan

i have a great creative ability and want to do

mbbs from sweden

i would serve sweden in my future and i would work for the betterment of great sweden in my future

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Anwar Saeed

Dear Sir,

I have completed my F.Sc ( 12th Level ) with pre-medical subjects( Biology, Chemistry & Physics) and now i wanna do M.B.B.S in Sweden. I have come to know that it is free in Sweden. So if it is true and if there's any seat available then do let me know and guide me to seak this opportunity.

Thanking You,

Anwar Saeed

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sir i faisal want to become a doctor ihave got 72.36% marks in HSSC and 80.25% in ssc further iwant to study in sweden because all colleges and schools are close in swat pakistan because of army operation i will be very thankfull because its my cream time for studying

mobil no +92-3469692400 or +92-3329976269

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Anjam Shehzad

hi sir i have passed my FSC exam now.i have no much expensis for study in MBBS.i m interested to study in sweden in MBBS.please reply me soon.i want to study on scholorship.thanks
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AKash khan

i am from Pakistan i want to get admission in sweden medical colleges for MBBS plz help me my ID is


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tehmina hussain

i am from pakistan and i want to become a doctor from sweden is education free there because i can't aford much money please call me sweden i did my best to gave you full result please please call me sweden?
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Sibghat ullah

Recently i have passed my FSC exam and i want admission in mbbs in Sweden.Plz inform me about your admission procedure.
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Md. Nazmul Hasan


I want to study MBBS in Sweden.Now what can i do?

Please ans me.

please i need details about studying mbbs in sweden.I am from Pakistan.My e-mail address : umer_ee@yahoo.com
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Anand Kumar Shah

Hello Sir I am from Nepal. I want to be doctor but I am from Poor family. I herd that Sweden has offer 100% for MBBS student. Is that truth than please contact me.


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I have completed my MBBS from India.I want to know how to get admission for speciality courses in sweden?I stay in lund.Please reply.my id is ummejuveria@yahoo.com
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Muddasar Mehmood

my name is muuddasar mehmood.i got 788 out of 1100 in FSc(medical group).i want to complete my mbbs in sweden.please send me further information and requirments.thanks
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i want add in mbbs.................can u help me for further information ................thnx
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Dr.Sohel Rana

Dear Sir,

i m a Doctor, MBBS From Dhaka University, Bangladesh.Can i study MD/any subject related to medical profession in Sweden.

With Thanks.

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Prof.Dr.Ghulam Shabbir Rana

"Save our life"

Respected Sir,

I was selected dean of arts on merit in G.C university Faisalabad.From 2004-2006) Dr.Asif Iqbal Khan (commonly known as Asoo Billa) was appointed V.C in that university by ruling mafia(from 2002-2006). Asoo Billa was a cruel corrupt , rubbish, idiot, bastard person .He was a zani , wine drinker, adulterer, culprit of underworld, agent of drug mafia and terrorists.I caught him red handed when he was busy to rape a poor girl student in his office.He made murder attack on me and removed me from university on gun point.Dr.Asif Iqbal Khan (asoo Billa)prompoted nepotism, favouritism, non transparency, illegal exercise of powers and injustice.Icriticized his cruelties and injustice.He(Asoo Billa)was violating human rights and was busy in unlawful activities.Dr.Asif Iqbal Khan (Asoo Billa ) was a characterless person.This wicked person earned huge money by drug trafficking and getting bribery and plunder of Govt. grants .Asoo Billa refused to pay me six monts salary and actual expenditure bills of about six lakh rupees.My elder daughter(age 20 years) sent requests to ruling murderers and dictators(Musharaf and Khalid).She was threatened of serious consequences.Paid criminals and terrorists of Asoo Billa rushed to our cottage and started firing on the gate of our cottage.In these horrible circumstances my poor and innocent daughter suffered a fatal brain attack and left us for ever on 20-9-2006., Terrorist Dr.Asif Iqbal Khan(Asoo Billa)has ruined and completely destrpyed my poor and helpless family.This murderer(Asoo Billa )crushed my younger brother or road on 20-9-2008.I swear that Dr.Asif Iqbal KHan (Asoo Billa 0is responsible for these deaths.This criminal wants to kill me .He is threatening me .I am begging for justice but alas!nobody is ready to listen to me.I request the whole humanity to kindly save our life.I request honourable chief justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of misconduct of Dr.Asif Iqbal Khan.It should be seen that why a butcher(Asif Iqbal--Asoo Billa)made a chartered public sector university a torture cell for me .Why he took punitive measures against me .He (Asoo Billa ) is chasuing me like a mad hound.Kindly save our lifew and help a grieved poor family in this hour of sorrow and moisery.May God almighty bless you.Your voice will strengthen truth and freedom of thought.

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muhammad zeeshan tahir

"about total expenses oer anum"

sir, these days i am looking many ads about free mbbs in sweden .please tell me total expenses per anum including hostel, mess, entertainmentetc. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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muhammad zeeshan tahir


Thank author of this post/comment"mbbs in sweden"

i am from Pakistan. Is mbbs in sweden is free? and if it is free then what is the procedure for applying.
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mutan pakistan
Thank author of this post/comment"salaam sir!"

i am a bright student of pakistan but due to some personal problems I couldnot study well during my 1st year examination. but i have secured a good ranked marks in my 2nd year exams. And I have secured 859 marks out of 1100 as total marks which belong to A grade category marks. But these marks are not sufficient for getting admission in pakistan for mbbs. And I don't want to change my field and my parents are not able to afford any private institute or abroad. So, it is my kindest request to provide me scholarship to study in your country.

Please pay attention on my application?i keep on weeping at nights because i could not fulfill what i desired...but i want to do another try...do tell me if u know

Thank author of this post/comment"jamal"

i m jamal from pakistan, plz inform me about mbbs scholarship n sweden, thnx
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 62 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: mbbs archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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